Across The Spider Verse | Spider-Punk (Hobie Brown) Compilation

Across The Slider Verse
Spider-Punk (Hobie Brown) Scene Compilation

-The Spot Collider Scene
– Vulture Theme Suite

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43 thoughts on “Across The Spider Verse | Spider-Punk (Hobie Brown) Compilation”

  1. His character just made the movie feel even more woke tbh. You dont get any context for his rebel personality so he comes off as a political tool. Unfortunate that they glossed over him like that tbh

  2. Never gave to much thought to all the equipment he pulled out of the computer, but I'm sure it had something to do with assisting Miles escaping or building the watch we see later. He is a true rebel role model

  3. Watch people act and want to dress like Spider Punk the same way how Wednesday and Eddie Munson were being introduced 😂. As a metalhead, i find that trend disrespectful and stupid.

    EDIT: what I mean was that is that people want to act like someone they aren't, not to also mention there's people who bully punks, goths, metalheads, and emos then those bullies all of sudden want to dress the same way as them. That's my problem.

  4. Wait, so their job is to jump between dimensions and protect the multiverse…

    The tools they use to do that are the wristbands…

    He took equipment away from Miguel’s lab and made his own, free from Miguel’s oversight…

    Did… did Spider-punk seized the means of production?!? Bro is truly punk to the core!!

  5. Seriously he only had 4 mins of lines and screen time but was probably one of, if not the most iconic and memorable character who got introduced in this movie + the artstyle he was animated in stood out in a great way. Can't wait for more of him in the next one!

  6. I love how during the whole intervention scene Hobie is just stirring the pot and creating more chaos than what’s needed 😆✨

  7. I love how you can kind of track his story if you look back and think about he's doing. He knows that Miles is going to get into trouble with Miguel and that Gwen, despite her prostations, still cares a lot about Miles. So by extension that means Gwen's probably going to get into trouble with Miguel as well. Which is what leads Hobie to start "borrowing" little bits of tech to make a off the book Universal Watch, because Gwen and Miles would eventually need it. As Hobie said, the whole reason he was even part of the Spider organisation was that he was "Looking out for his drummer (Gwen.)" As soon as Miles bolted, Hobie probably knew that Gwen would probably get into trouble soon, and that he would be more useful on the outside. Which is why he quit when he did. That and he refused to be complacent in hunting Miles.

  8. What I love about Hobie Brown is how he quietly plants the seeds of rebellion in Miles' mind. He doesn't want to be part of the spider society, but he believes in Gwen's work and is there to support her. Like so many other spiderman he shares a brilliant intellect for technology, so much so that he immediately senses how Morales's EMP powers work. At [2:29] he appears to be destroying various pieces of technology here and there, when instead he is collecting pieces to build his own version of the dimensional travel bracelet (any pieces that may seem useful to him he is putting in his pocket). Implicitly he wants Miles to think for himself and not blindly obey Miguel's wishes which, despite being logical and for the greater good, have done nothing but scare and chase a 15-year-old boy just because he had shown dissent in obeying an algorithm.

    Seeing that the situation had degenerated, he pulled out of it, throwing away the bracelet so as not to be traced (even if personally at the cinema I thought he was flipping his finger).

    And instead, with the pieces taken from the Spider Society, he built his own bracelet for dimension travel to give it to Gwen.

    Truly a fantastic character.