AITA For Being Embarrassed of my GF’s Cosplay OR Not Paying Child Support | Comfort Level Podcast

2:56 AITA for Being Embarrassed of my GF’s Cosplay
5:09 Response
7:36 Top Comment
10:08 Child Support
11:08 AITA for Not Paying Child Support
12:06 Response
17:08 Top Comment
18:46 Engagement Rings
19:45 AITA for Asking My Brother to Pay 30K for my Engagement Ring
20:58 Response
29:37 Edits
33:25 Top Comment
34:05 Sibling Fights
35:39 AITA For Telling Sister the Comment She Made is Why HER Marriage Crashed and Burned
37:59 Response
42:43 Top Comment
42:55 AITA For Taking BIL to Small Claims Court
45:32 Response (IN MY OWN HOUSE!!)
51:20 Update
53:04 Top Comment
53:17 Sleeping with No Clothes on
55:01 AITA For Continuing to Sleep Nude
57:02 Response
1:01:05 Top Comment
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21 thoughts on “AITA For Being Embarrassed of my GF’s Cosplay OR Not Paying Child Support | Comfort Level Podcast”

  1. With the nude one it kinda depends where your ftom but I think the initial ESH is right to a point but leaning more towards YTA.

    The neighbour seems a bit fixated on this, but in all fairness if he's got young kids & their bedroom(s) are facing this guys window I wouldn't be thrilled that my kid was seeing that. Having a yoing kid shouting out to their parents that they see the naked man again is going to be upsetting & actually if they're in my country the neighbours are being exceptionally reasonable then because if you are knowingly exposing yourself where a kid can see you can get in very serious trouble if they call the police.

    Seriously if OP was in my country he'd be in BIG trouble & definitely the a-hole. If you are naked in your house but other people can see you naked the police will give you a warning, then after that point you get done for indecent exposure. You don't get to flash people on the street just because you're in your house, you're expected to put up window coverings of some kind. He could get blinds/curtains with remote access or get frosted film if he really needs his natural light wake up, with tge remote he can just shut the curtains/blinds from bed. He's not even trying that hard right now, he could have a dressing gown or towel right by the bed & make sure he's covered when getting out of bed. He could keep pyjama shorts right in his nightstand & put them on under the covers. He shouldn't want his neighbours to see him naked, but especially knowing they have kids over there that might see. He could end up on a register if he's not careful, is that really worth the effect it will have on his life just to be stubborn about putting up some curtains?

  2. I have experienced of being in a relationship with a man where the sexual needs didn't match and the man didn't even let me touch him because he thought I only wanted sex. And I'm not talking about wanting to have sex multiple times a day, just like couple times a week (therefore I don't consider myself as a sex addict as you suggested the sister might be). That made me feel horrible everyday, I didn't feel loved and I was so unhappy. It is ofc normal that the sex drive changes during relationship and for men (and women) if the relationship is not working for them anymore (there are other problems also), they don't want sex that much with their partner although they wanted a lot earlier in the relationship. So I don't even think the lack of sex was the only reason for their divorce, it was just a symptom of a marriage not working. And to make such comments to your own sister that she is just sexuallizing everything, c'mon. It's not fair that when there is a relationship where the woman wants more sex than the man, we just assume the woman is a sex addict and she can't think about anything else than sex, and we just judge them? But when it is the other way around (man wanting more), it is totally normal and the man is not considered as a sex addict..

  3. Kids are kids, but the brother is a parent. And the younger they are the more it means the parents are the primary influencers of behaviour…so if the kids are so afraid of punishment that they flushed the ring, that says a lot to me…and all of it points to the brother being at fault/responsible and needs to make some kind of amends.
    Edit – I wrote this before getting to the art supplies story, and find my option above still fits. Also, the first AH in these stories is the parent who didn't even offer some type of apology or compensation. I can't say the following actions from the OP's are ideal, but the instigating AH's are the parents imo.

  4. The anime costume was amazing she was brave enough to embrace her scars and put them into a costume of a show he likes and he has the audacity to say she should of worn something sexy and that she shouldn’t of shown her scars that’s nod blowing

  5. Hey yall theres something weird going on with the sound mixing it's really hard to hear either of the gentlemen but especially the man on the far right. I think your mics might be directionally based

  6. I really hate the "they're just kids, they didn't know any better" bullshit because YES, they CAN know better even as young as 2 years old! I know this personally because my niece and nephews understand that my figures aren't children's toys. My sister and her ex understood that I spent a lot of money on them even if they think it's silly. But they respect my space. The BIL and his wife definitely had no such sentiment.

  7. TLDR: Anime – AH * Child Support – Not AH * 30k Ring – Not AH * Sibling Dissing Divorcing Sis – AH * Art Supplies – Not AH * Sleep N00d – Not AH

    Hey, your title needs to include the Anime thing. I came over from IG, and got confused when I couldn't find it, and just got lucky that this first one (most recent at time of posting) included the one I was interested in.

    Yes, Anime OP is absolutely the AH, and doesn't deserve this amazing lady. Also, I really wish I could see her cosplay myself. [Complete sidenote, and absolutely personal, I felt a little isolated when you mentioned church in a weird way that didn't really explain what was actually said at that church, but since I'm atheist it made me cringe).

    On the child support, I'm torn; based on what info was given (forgetting the fact that we're not giving benefit of the doubt that the other parents might have something more to say on this), you gotta follow the courts for it. I still think this child should have a choice to have a relationship with the father (assuming that this OP isn't abusive). [I do really wanna highlight how sus I feel about this OP, though.]

    On the 30k ring, *sigh*, I'm so torn. Like, I don't think I'd ever ask my own sibling for a reimbursement, but I also don't think my own sibling wouldn't offer to do some sorta repayment for the loss. But also, she's a hostess, and anything of that value in that house shoulda been in a safe and insured. [Complete sidenote, I do think that we gotta stop treating 'blood' as everything. You should be allowed to sue your family without being shamed, especially since we don't what this family dynamic actually is.]

    On the 'my sister needed more seggs in her marriage' – everyone has a different intimacy need, especially at different times in our lives. Google women's seggsual peak (for me, my top result came from a scientific study published by a .gov site online) and also realize there's a lot of stigma that surrounds a woman's seggsual realization. Honestly, I think OP is the AH, 'cause it feels like they called her 'slut' when she was just being playful about the footrub (and possibly feeling lonely/jealous). Again, though, we only have one side of it, so who truly knows. I'm sure she didn't mean to make her sibling feel uncomfortable, though. [Also, please ignore the google result when you look up men's seggsual prime: healthnews saying men hit their prime in their 20's – it's honestly clickbait with nothing scientific to back it.]

    On the small claims court for art supplies – art supplies is pretty darned expensive. This situation totally made me think back to the 30k ring, and *heavy sigh*, my heart broke hearing about this more than the ring. Although this was an earlier sidenote, we seriously need to stop being 'blood is everything' on situations. It truly isn't. I will again say, that door needed to stay locked up, and anyone who let those kids into that art room needed to stay with those kids and keep 'em supervised. [Peeps gotta stop letting kids run rampant without consequences.]

    On sleeping n00d – this has some serious exhibition vibes. Though, honestly, that might be that puritanical upbringing from society. The neighbors can absolutely get curtains if that view truly bothers them. I think they just like being outraged. [How much of our society is obsessed with what our neighbors do with their private parts truly bothers me.]

  8. Idk abt the nude one tbh. Its a dad right, so I'd be worried about my kids looking out the window just to find a fully grown man naked (&obviously idk his intentions, but he knows there's kids around). Yes he had his routine first, but if they're neighbors they can try to work towards community and coming up w solutions is so simple. Like i have windows in my bathroom that are blurry and i can see the light outside. Maybe he couldve asked about how they could work around his own concerns w having to change his lifestyle. I think theyre both in the wrong. I wouldnt want to encounter the possibility of a kid peeking into my home and being traumatized (like the neighbors can close their blinds, but if it's kids nearby they might not know better).

  9. As a artist, the art on made me the most pissed , the “cheaped” makers you can find are and still have good quality are 7$, ( if art is your passion and job yes you will pay 17$ a maker just like how a workman with pay 250 to 500 dollars for good work boots)not to mention how toxic most art supplies are , cadmium, cobalt and so much more. I would be so mad at my children ( if I had any) if they ever fuck with shit in someone’s house.

  10. Huge disagree on the sister story. If someone isn’t compatible with your needs your don’t need to be married. The no longer wanting to be intimate with casual touches is a huge red flag and is often a sign of cheating. I find it really weird that he suddenly stopped wanting to be intimate with her where as before he had no issue with her sex drive. Also asking him to get tested isn’t a challenge to his manhood a sudden decrease in sex drive can be a sign of hormone imbalance due to prostate cancer. It’s a legitimate concern. 42:18

  11. With the sister one, I think she is the asshole as sexual needs being met is important, from the perspective of the sister it looks like she is just very horny, which is fine, OP is an ass as it might've just been a joke or even if they were serious about the fetish yes it was weird but not to be mad at the sister, yes she started the divorce doesn't mean she isn't going through anything.

  12. For the sister comment story, I’m going to have to disagree with your take on the story. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to divorce someone for not being sexually compatible with you and to me it seems as though the husband suddenly stopped being as sexual as her to the point where he would not even touch her intimately like OP rubbing her hubby’s feet. Also OP didn’t need to mention the divorce because she was uncomfortable with the joke her sister made, she could have just expressed her discomfort in the comment and leave it at that