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So the sky blue fabric became my lining fabric and I got a satin robin’s egg blue fabric for the main dress. The young cosplayer got her start in the horror scene when her Cheyenne dressed her up as Cujo while attending 2014’s Monster Mania Convention. I lost my original, and ordered more, and they got lost in the mail. While the horror cosplayer with a bright future portrays bloody characters filled with gloom and doom, she is still a girl who enjoys the more age appropriate, darker inspired television series that seem to be growing in numbers each year, such as; Hocus Pocus, Ruby Gloom, Goosebumps, Gravity Falls, and Stranger Things. While Cheyenne admits to not having experience in photography, make up, and sewing, she explains to iHorror many of the final products we see are from a series of trials and errors. All of this has been made possible with assistance of her fellow horror fan mother Cheyenne DeGraves. We can always use more females in the horror industry both in front and behind the camera, and with a portfolio beginning at such a young age this puts the youngling leaps and bounds ahead of the competition by the time she graduates high school!

I don’t use a hem here, the outside of the spoke is left as the edge of the two flat layers of felt, with the seam making them tend to look neat. First I bought some dark silky blue fabric to use as lining, and sky blue fabric to use at the main dress fabric. Because her dress is suppose to be made of frost and ice, I wanted to make it seem like it was as much as possible. I then glued rhinestones on the top edge of the train to make it shiny and reflect light like ice. And light blue tulle, in four layers, for the sleeves. Additionally I had sheer, some what stiff and shiny, light blue fabric for the train. I wanted to get the fabric as close to what was animated on the character which was difficult seeing as how the movie hadn’t come out yet, but I stared at a lot of pictures. Seeing exact replicas of video game characters IRL is one of the most captivating parts of conventions. Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, you’re probably a fan of this Laura Croft cosplay costume by @enjinight.

Given the accuracy Kid Dreadful has in these pictures, one surely wonders if the pint size horror fan has viewed the horror movies she portrays with such accuracy. We’ve met so many incredibly supportive people in the horror community. “The feedback we’ve received online is mostly quite positive. It’s truly amazing. That said, the negative feedback has been minimal. It’s unusual for a little girl to genuinely prefer horror over princesses, unicorns and other more common things. Six year old cosplayer Coral DeGraves, also known as Kid Dreadful, has been dominating the horror cosplay scene for years. It all started on a warm afternoon on August 11th, 2013. I had declared that this shall be my Halloween costume this year. This is how I made my Queen Elsa costume from Disney’s Frozen. Figurine of Wicked Queen armed with the Magic Mirror in one hand and poisonous apple in the other. Ganon, the main villain of the series, is the one that pops up the most, and cosplay versions of the hulking character are just as intimidating as he is in-game. Finally I found one, and it was perfect, the perfect slightly shiny matte texture for an anime ink transferred into real-world standards, meaning it looks close to how he looks as a drawn character.

Plaster dries into a hard, brittle, very easily sanded solid, so I can sand all that off to get a completely smooth mask if I decide that painting onto the texture is too difficult. The finish doesn’t have to be perfect, since this stuff dries to a hard crust that can be sanded. You can also get a peek of our lively jester costumes and masquerades on bourbon street during Mardi Gras! And I was working on other costumes at the time, so here is what it would look like if Elsa stole Henry’s cape from Fire Emblem. I really didn’t intend for it to be quite as melancholy as it wound up being, but I like the tone of it — it captures the way I felt after endless nights wiping on heroic Putricide (I kid! I love raiding, honest.). Kid Dreadful as Tiffany from “Bride of Chucky”. However, Kid Dreadful is determined to surpass her horror mother’s skills by taking the reigns in the creation of her cosplays. However, it hasn’t been until this past year that her pictures have really taken off across the internet.

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