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You run over to your office computer and try to get to the Weather Channel. Dressed in costumes, the superheroes try to navigate the chaos as the disaster plot for the movie – based on the set of Marvel comics – thickens. Though the release of the animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, has pushed the concept of a web of Peter Parker alternatives into mainstream movie-going consciousness, it’s one that’s been played with in Marvel Comics continuity for a long time. Spider-Boy is another unfortunate victim of ’90s superhero comics’ fashion. As Old Man Logan proved, saving the world isn’t just a young man’s game, and, these days, you’re not a real superhero without a grizzled elderly variant.

Web Man. It’s a name that sounds like it was hastily crossed off of Stan Lee’s first draft when he was cycling through potential monikers for his most famous creation. But, while these more monstrous variants tend to just look werewolf fusions of man and beast, Wolf-Spider from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is more unique. The goggles, corset and flight cap with the mechanical spider legs make this look like Spider-Man by way of the Rocketeer. Erecting a statue of Isaiah Bradley in the Steve Rogers museum is one way to take actual action in order to preserve the past. The way you feel about this costume will depend on your tolerance for all things steampunk. Once you put in this ant suit, you’re sure to feel ten times stronger and ready to save the world!

3d feather wings Okay, ready? Let’s do this! It’s easy to lose track of just how many alternate versions of Spider-Man there are swinging around Marvel’s multiverse, but we’ve rounded up as many as we can of to see how their costumes stack up against one another. Bringing up the rear is Turkey’s laughable take on Marvel’s webslinger. His suit is exactly what you’d expect from a “ye olde” take on Spidey. Because Captain Universe is supposed to represent all the powers of the universe, this union gives Peter Parker more power than he’s ever had before, though you can only really tell that Spidey is still in there thanks to his familiar red mask sticking out of the top. Captain Universe isn’t really a person, much less a costume, but despite just being an incorporeal cosmic entity it does have a recognizable look: dark blue and white with a glowing constellation pattern, which merges with the costume of any being it chooses to mix its essence with, such as Spider-Man. Marvel and DC’s Amalgam Universe merged two of the company’s teen heroes — Spider-Man and Superboy — to become Spider-Boy, real name alias: Pete Ross. Unlike Spider-Boy, Hobart Brown, the “Anarchic Spider-Man” from Earth-138, has the punk credibility to pull off the leather jacket-over-costume combo.

If punk fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood designed Spider-Man, this is what he’d look like. We’re also disqualifying any costumes that are exact or near-exact replicas of the original like some of the animated and live-action movie versions, as well as animal variants like Spider-Monkey and Spider-Ham that merely change the shape of the suit because of their non-human bodies. Wanda is seen watching the walls of her home change rapidly, as she’s heard saying, ‘I don’t know how any of this started,’ as she re-arranges her home. We should also note that while the original Scarlet Witch costume from the Marvel Comics-her red outfit complete with horned headdress-was teased in Episode 6, Wanda has never worn the outfit properly in the history of the MCU.

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