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If you’d like to see how to make a -better- Majora’s Mask that’s lighter, easier to wear and -has eyeholes-, click here to read about my XPS foam Majora’s Mask! If you’d like to see how to store and transport your new mask, click here to read about my custom Majora’s Mask box. Find This One Here. Here she is as an Ewok. Wait for them to finish before getting to my feet. With each cosplay that I’ve made, I try to make the level and quality higher with each one I finish. The mask is thick enough and solid enough that I can carry it around under one arm at conventions, with my hat in the other hand. How the hell are you going to store or carry this? You’ll put it down funny, carry it oddly, have strangers touch it, or, like I did at MCM Manchester, walk into the door frame of your hotel room at the end of the first day and chip the paint on one of the horns. It’ll end up shorter if you don’t extend the point outwards again with plaster, but that stuff is horrible to get right. It comes with every little detail that you need right down to the gloves and shoes.

This costume gives evidence of great attention to detail. The best part is the level of detail on the gold and red rollerblades, which really looks like the classic fast-food diner joints back in the mid-20th century. It was about 1 month out from the convention and a Black Rock Shooter group I was going to be a part of ended up not happening so last minute, I had to decide on a different cosplay. It opened the world of convention and nerd culture to me. Wizard World has also teamed with Sony Pictures Entertainment to find the next generation of movies as well as to engage in a number of strategic initiatives. For your mask is done, and all is finally well with the world. I know full well I’m gluing -elastic- to -gesso-, but there’s not a lot I can do, save for scraping away or dissolving the gesso layer somehow (without weakining the plaster structure) and sewing a more glue-amenable surface onto the elastic.

Luckily my test piece (that’s the short piece you can see mounted towards the top of the mask) glued just fine, EvoStik to elastic and gesso. I’ve plopped my paper cone template on top to test and, satisfied with that, I coiled some of the felt to see if it’d look reasonable in colour. The masks were all made with this method: Shape the base with aluminum foil and masking tape, paper mache the mask, smooth out all the bumps with a foam filler called “Smooth On”, sand it and repeat till smooth, unify the surface texture with a layer of wood glue, and then paint. Cut away anything obviously loose or smashed, file the paint back so it’s all smooth. I started cosplaying back in 2012-2013 and Sakura Con 2013 (Seattle, WA) was my very first con. It’s a coincidence that the one horn that got damaged is the same one that didn’t glue correctly first time. Some of the masks were actually recycled cosplay parts from previous cosplays such as the blue spirit mask and princess mononoke’s mask.The bag was completely improvised with trial and error but was one of my favorite parts to make.

Be everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spiderman in our Miles Morales Costume for kids. I figured that the best way to choose a cosplay is to think of a character from my favorite games or anime so I decided on th Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. “So, if you can find a way to open up another outlet for cosplay to make money off of it, then, I think you’re golden,” Kelley said. Holt says he’d been interested in cosplay since first learning that it was a thing, but he didn’t jump into it in earnest until 2017, when his three-year marriage was ending. There may be some smell when you wear it for the first time, pls put it in ventilated place to disperse the smell. Here’s the first time I wore the entire costume! When I’m not on Warcraft, I’m probably playing board games or pen-and-paper RPGs — I used to play other video games, but you know how WoW can eat your gaming time. Regardless, the character has stood the test of time and has spawned plenty of cosplays including pretty great gender-bending ones. I’m very excited to put in the same passion in my future cosplays!

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