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Here’s a great cosplay of the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask but not having put on the mask yet. The most notable character from that game is Skull Kid but I didnt feel like I could manage that at the moment nor do proper justice to the character especially when so many have already done an amazing job at it. I’ve also included a little back ground information on the Movie, show, or video game the character or prop is from. Fans of the series often forget about this character who is often overlooked when it comes to other female Saiyans like Kale and Caulifla who got more screentime. For the record, any time your character name matches your IG name you know the end result will be flawless! The coolest part is the little watches that are on the side of the suit, which cheekily points out how The Flash is a time traveler notorious for ruining timestreams. Time to sand. And file.

I had to get out a whole stack of wood files and nail files and -very very very gently- sand away the ragged edge of the glue foam blobs. Sand the area flat and flush and clean and nice. Make sure everything is clean and dry. When making the full glove with the intent of cutting the fingers off, you’ll have to remember to manually backstitch and wiggle your machine sewing at the point where you’re likely to cut the fingers off so that the sewing doesn’t immediately come undone when you make the cut. Over the next few days, I sanded a little filler off, applied a little bit more, kept refining the contour of the mask. Don’t tear them off, but simulate the normal acts of picking up and moving it about. At least it’s cuttable, carveable and sandable. Find at least three of these areas around the hat, and secure the ring belt to the hat with a generous amount of stitching. I used paint instead of actual lace because I don’t think I could find a lace to match the attributes of the silk or that could easily curve as in this design.

If you want to add to the number you can find her on IG as @kalinkafox. It’s a remarkably robust subculture, allowing people to put as much or as little into it as they want while still receiving plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment at any level. They can be expensive though as if your children are anything like mine, they will want to buy everything! These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. There was always going to be little gaps, but these are quite large. I just need to get right in there with my files and my sandpaper and make all that neat, then cover it in yet more filler. All the filler is blending into the mask, and the horns are looking if not exactly as they do in the illustration (poking out suddenly from the main heart of the mask), then a very acceptable substitute! There’s another issue that needs looking at first though: since the horns have pushed slightly away from the mask, there’s now gaps between the horns and the mask. Go beyond the obvious with this alien creature mask. Although the Superhero Mask is elastic, breathing through it is comfortable. With the majority of the mask sanded and nice I can get to work applying the filler to the last horn.

The horn is firmly attached, as it should be. I was desperate at this point, and went for the first thing that sounded logical and plausible. I’m going to give it a couple of coats of gesso now, making sure every surface of this thing is covered in a solid layer of the stuff. Squidge that stuff on nice and thick and tight. The finish doesn’t have to be perfect, since this stuff dries to a hard crust that can be sanded. For me, i didn’t really have a preference, i would like to see both tho. For Lilliam, becoming a makeup artist seemed like a natural development as she has loved art since she was a little girl. Making all the spokes the same width would look a little artificial (as well as being too much effort). Before you get too carried away with all of these sanding and filler steps, it’s a good idea to have the horns a little bit of elbow grease: waggle them gently, see how much they can take before they, the glue or the mask itself starts to warp.

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