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bird's-eye view photography of islet When this picture first hit the internet the only response was “You’re Welcome! But when a fan-made He-Man tribute video hit the Internet in the summer of 2019, that moment looked a bit different. First up, before you do anything, take a moment and -think-. The leatherette mask has Velcro strips to ensure it does not come off and ruin the moment. You’ll be kicking yourself if you make a whole menagerie of cones to use, all of them completely useless since they’re too small to fit on the mask. When I’ve got all the cones together in one place, I can see how they’ll fit onto the mask and sand them into their correct shapes. You can really tell the difference in the density. It is incredible how much difference the right wig can make. Hopefully I’ll end up with a solid slab of green stuff that I can carve into the ten horns. This stuff looks a lot like cheat mode for props: it’s ridiculously cheap, lightweight, sturdy, shapable, sandable, cuttable, durable, wonderful. As his bulging arm reaches upward, his hair and blade catching the morning light, he looks like he’s raising a Black-power fist and harnessing the power of Grayskull in one swift motion.

AX 2010 - Soul Eater - Death the Kid - Rian Castillo - Flickr The blood is pink and the psycho bear still looks cute to me so I don’t mind Faith watching it. At least it looks nicer on the outside. But I do have -something- at least. It’s very rare but I have done it! What a bother. The block doesn’t have a very consistent density, so my horns are coming out full of holes. I’ve hollowed out the form a little to make it easier to compress. The idea is the same as always: I’m going to cut away a little of the ragged edge of the modroc layers, compress the blue foam (without putting ANY pressure on the mask itself in case I bend it or crack it) and gently pull the blue foam out of the cavity in the back of the mask. I’m still working with the dinky little knife, Stanley knife and junior hacksaw here. The resulting foam blob tower things were alright, still not entirely consistent, but I could make cones out of them. One question I do have is: How does this cosplayer see out of that mask?

It was fantastic to see so many different characters in one place and even better when other people were coming over and asking to have photographs with Faith. So i’ve been scrolling around Instagram and i found out that people would really like to see Jaemin cosplay as Kisumi Shigino (Free! Eternal Summer) or Kaito Kid (Detective Conan). Also, I actually befriended some people who actually cosplayed, so it was much easier to work on something that I would frequently talk about with friends. In fact, many might not even know who he’s supposed to be. They also realized they had a friend in common: Moran, a former pro wrestler and retired Marine who lives in Philadelphia and says cosplay helped him deal with his own PTSD-related anxiety. I didn’t know about this until my dozenth or so time looking for guides on cosplay prop-making materials. And I don’t know how to avoid it.

It’s back to the expanding filler foam again. This filler is essentially expanding foam mixed with glue. Best of all, you don’t need any tools, paint or glue to assemble it. You’ve got to test the glue on the materials you’re going to join before committing your work to it! Inked: She got Rowling’s writing tattooed on one arm. It was a big disaster, the third one with this foam. I just need to take care if I (dog forbid) modroc this a third time. Dog tags set includes. My future self is screaming at me from two years from now, telling me to get a set of those disposable blades I mentioned, but present day me can’t hear him. I might as well set up another block to solidify overnight. Three cans’ worth of money wasted, as well as the flutes and the wire. Yeah, I don’t learn my lessons well.

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