One Piece Kids Cosplay Competition – Luffy Zac (Sabbucos) @animangaki

Zac took part in the Kids cosplay Competition and got Runners up!

Just to showcase his segment for memory
The Foosha village always has a special place in my heart and it was so fun to reenact this little bit on stage showing him eating his Devil fruit.
I made so many versions of Luffy costumes in case of the cold weather but it was surprisingly warmer than expected in the mall at Genting haha

it’s been awhile since we joined a competition and it was quite exciting and unnerving

It was just so fun to see so many One Piece fans gathered
It’s crazy because it looked like everybody legit were big fans
Met new people, saw cosplays I never thought I would ever see! Stage segment was pretty mind blowing
I’m so glad we got immersed in one piece over the pandemic because it has been a blast!

Thanks @animangaki for hosting the event
And @onepieceasiatour for bringing it closer to home

Got so much more to share and they’ll be up in my IG and FB as well
Sabbucos / Asdcvbtuym[Sabbie!]

Gonna brainstorm which cosplays to make next

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