Red Cosplay Rainbow Friends! Orange, Green, Blue and Purple!

Red as a cosplay from Rainbow Friends! Take a look at the Rainbow Puppets we have made and you can make them too!

Make Rainbow Friends

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33 thoughts on “Red Cosplay Rainbow Friends! Orange, Green, Blue and Purple!”

  1. Rainbow friends shop!
    Green: 10 likes
    Blue: 15 likes
    Red: 20 likes
    Orange: 25 likes
    Yellow: 30 likes
    Cyan: 35 Likes
    Purple: 40 Likes

    = Looky =
    Blue: 3
    Cyan: 5
    Green: 9
    Lime: 13
    Orange: 16
    Red: 19
    White: 23
    Black: 30

    Lime: 1
    Pink: 7
    Maroon: 8
    Black: 17
    Grey: 18
    White: 21
    Brown: 26
    Pastel green: 27
    Magenta: 31
    Pastel brown: 33
    Neon white: 36
    Pixel blue: 39
    Pixel green: 42
    Pixel orange: 46
    That’s all for now ask me for more!