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Nearly all of the characters’ outfits have been carefully selected to show either their iconic first appearance or a distinct, new version different from other LEGO versions. For those who are looking primarily at these as LEGO elements, there aren’t as many new, useful elements here as there in many other CMF series, with the notable exception of the bar-and-stud connectors included with every figure. Bumblebee’s distinctive double top-knot hairpiece is new, and she’s got a double-sided head showing alternate expressions of a smirk and a grimace. LEGO has made truly impressive strides in recent years with double and even triple injection molding different plastic colors in new elements to achieve complex colorization. I’d have liked to see more iconic supervillains who haven’t appeared much (or at all) in LEGO form, such as Bizzaro, Brainiac, or Ra’s al Ghul. The Interdimensional Council of Reeds gave us a look at what could have been for the team but, thankfully, was not in the world of costume design: Ironreeds, Rockreeds, Odinreeds, Captain Mar-reeds, Hercul-reeds, Obese Reeds, Wizard Reeds, and more.

3 when Sue developed the aesthetic that would define the team for generations: slim-fitting blue jumpsuits, with black secondary colors on the waist, hands, feet, and collar, and a high collar up to the nape of the neck. About 5% of FF issues involve Reed getting bodysnatched or cloned, or Sue getting possessed by Malice. This motif took them through a tempestuous time in their lives, including the CIVIL WAR that led to the dissolution of the team as well as the temporary sabbatical that Sue and Reed took while T’Challa and Storm filled in. The designs of the collar changed at times-sometimes it expanded, sometimes it contracted, at times the Thing wore an odd unitard, sleeves often went missing-and the second possession of Sue Richards by Malice led to another unique design, one that relied more on the creative use of negative space to illustrate her team affiliation. The team traded their crew neck uniforms for a collar that again rose to the nape of the neck, and they traded their black accent color for a white one. Of the 100 people working in the costumes department, wonder woman costume a team of about 10 people work full time on aging and wearing costumes to make them look realistically used and lived in.

The gal likes her pink clothing as much as the next high heel wearing mouse. Players who still have Mayan K’In from the End of Days event can still purchase the Mayan clothing off of the special vendor inside of London’s The Underground nightclub. But the costumes that they wear have defined the Four; from the iconic cerulean jumpsuits that marked them for a generation, to the Future Foundation digs, to the various stylistic twists and tweaks that the gang has undergone over the decades. The death of Johnny Storm and the start of the Future Foundation led to easily the most substantial overhaul in the history of the group’s uniform design. This overhaul opened the door for a number of costume overhauls in the years after. The team’s had so many iterations and compositions over the years that it’s important to remember that despite the Four’s status as the rock upon which Marvel was built, cosplay costumes for women they’ve always been changing and adapting and growing. Gone was the appealing cerulean that fundamentally anchored the Four’s aesthetic for decades; in were trendy, black and white austere aesthetics with a hexagonal motif and a crisp white design.

Historically speaking, the Four’s team composition is actually fairly fluid; She-Hulk has tagged in for Ben Grimm for 31 issues, Scott Lang stepped up to replace Reed for 18, Medusa and Crystal have covered Sue’s shifts when she was out on maternity leave, and so much more. That lasted just a few more issues, until another long-running uniform with the triangle motif came along, this time a white accent with a “4” logo built in black in negative space. The blue and black remained the defining color scheme for that entire run, with just a few tweaks. The first few levels were a little dull and served as a tutorial, but eventually it started to get a little frantic. Original, at the very beginning of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm season, Cam merely served as a tech expert. At the beginning of John Byrne’s run on FANTASTIC FOUR, the squad got a redesign.

Suddenly Jack of Hearts appears and the Young Avengers (with Scott in tow) run from him. Let’s talk about the price, though: $4.99 is a new price for CMF packs, with the previous recent series having run for $3.99. 27. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the original Batman also included in this series. This Bat-Mite figure is based on his original introduction in 1959, with a knock-off Batman costume with a bent ear and a scribbled Batman logo patched on. It wasn’t until 1998 where the third definitive costume appeared, one that had a high collar with a return to the black accent color, movie character costumes forming a V-shape of black on the front of the costume on a field of cerulean. The Hickman run-a return to roots for the four if there ever were one-brought in form-fitting costumes with short sleeves and a high black collar. The hips are black with the blue belt printed on.

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