Cosplay Costume: Authentic Deadpool Movie Replica Suit

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Transforming into Scarlet Witch: A Cosplay Journey

I borrowed the concept of Cosplay from @halcybella, and the filming was done by @ssnwwc. However, I took charge of the editing process.

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Cosplaying My Little Pony Characters: Shaking My Hand in Character! (excluding Twilight, unfortunately)

Fluttershy: Hey there, @Dajackies!
Rarity: Hello
Pinkie Pie: Hey Cosplay!
Rainbow Dash: Hi
(Please bear with me, I did my best to capture Applejack’s accent. )

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Anya forger spy x family cosplay
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Fun Kids upbeat
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When are the kids, Dipper? (Gravity Falls)

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No Kids Only Cosplay #shorts

Why have kids when instead I can afford cosplays.

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Our cosplay journey to pensacon 2023! Teaching my kids how to 3d print | sneak peak at a new product

Thanks for stopping by & checking out today’s video!

This was a fun journey for both darkwing bri & darkwing z & I think they did a killer job on their completed helmets!

Big thanks to @NikkoIndustries be sure to check his patreon for all your 3D printing needs!

Heres a quick index of some of the sections of the video

Video intro & the models were doing & the breakdown 00:40
First look at the models and early prep 01:35
Darkwing Bri’s work on the crown priming & sanding 02:20
Crown primed & ready for paint & starting paint 05:00
New smoothing product quick breakdown & first look + sanding 06:30
Darkwing Z sanding & priming moon knight 08:45
Darkwing Z’s process for smoothing prints 10:47
Painting moon knight 11:05
Weathering the crown & moon knight 11:38
Final shots of the crown & moon knight 13:15
Closing thoughts on the video, some proud dad comments & thank you! 15:03

These guys did an awesome job & I am super proud of the work they did!
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Bondo filler primer link

Duplicolor filler primer link

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I’ll see ya for our pensacon video, Until next time DW out!

Music provided by @chiddybang4199

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Takerlama Kids Enid Sinclair Cosplay Costume Wednesday $49

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Red Cosplay Rainbow Friends! Orange, Green, Blue and Purple!

Red as a cosplay from Rainbow Friends! Take a look at the Rainbow Puppets we have made and you can make them too!

Make Rainbow Friends

little kid cosplay Looking for a show-stopping costume to impress fellow cosplayers at your next convention? Look no further than our high-quality kid cosplay costumes! With attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, our costumes are sure to turn heads.