We Went to MegaCon Orlando 2023! A Real Haunted House, Characters, Cosplay, Star Wars, Art & MORE!

Join us for a FULL DAY at MegaCon Orlando 2023 at the Orange County Convention Center as we see so much of what there is to offer, and I share some tips with you to make your visit better! We see everything from NASA to a full blown haunted house themed to a comic shop by A Petrified Forest (the first haunted house ever at MegaCon!), a full Star Wars camp with so many favorite characters from the original trilogy and everything in between, including The Mandalorian! We meet SHIELD and Marvel agents, see so much creative cosplay, vendors, artists, just EVERYTHING fun and fandom – plus information to help you like parking, tickets and picking up your badges!! Hope you enjoy this experience with us, let me know what your favorite cosplay or booth was!

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34 thoughts on “We Went to MegaCon Orlando 2023! A Real Haunted House, Characters, Cosplay, Star Wars, Art & MORE!”

  1. Hello Jackie! It was so much fun to see your video on the con. Many years ago I owned Movie Memories poster shop in Palo Alto California for over 25 years, and I also did cons on the weekends My question for you is can you please show some of the original movie posters for sale? The next con you go to. Keep up the great work on your videos, thanks! 😎

  2. Ah, shoot; if I'd known that NASA was handing out free pins, we would have stopped in! 😂 Our Megacon day(s) were Saturday and Sunday and it was an absolute madhouse both days, but it was worth it for the opportunity to meet the Scream Cast and James McAvoy! So many talented artists, cosplayers, musicians and exhibitors. The saxophone actually made us tear up a little bit, 'Rainbow Connection' was our first dance song at our wedding in 2019. So glad that you got to live your dream and meet Wall-E! It really begs the question, why doesn't Disney offer that meet and greet!? We would move mountains to meet a roaming Wall-E in the parks! 🥹 Thanks for sharing, Jackie!

  3. At 29:18 YAY!! I made it into your video!! I am the big yellow chair! lol I was Professor X. Thank you so very much for making me a part of your wonderful video! 💯❤

  4. Your video is great! And it looks like the day to go is Friday. We went on Saturday and it was too packed. Could barely walk through the aisles. I now know for next year!

  5. At the 7:15 that kid in the 'Alien' costume is my twelve year old niece. Handmade by her dad, that was her Halloween costume a couple of years ago. She's always a hit at the comic-con shows.

  6. Our local Con is coming up on the 21st-23rd of this month. I cannot wait. We're doing a huge tribute to the life of Jason David Frank. MegaCon looks awesome, and I hope I can get down to it one day.

  7. This is soooo cool Jackie!! I love all the different costumes and all the booths to look at!! It’s a very awesome atmosphere, and so many people loving the same thing!! Such a fun experience for you and Sam to go to! I’m so glad you guys had such a fun great day!! ❤️😊❤️😊😊 it would be so cool to see a celebrity there!!