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Black Noir’s costume covers his entire body and this adds to the mystery. Lleye, one of the most impressive Female Titan Cosplay I’ve ever seen, and the only one that I think is most similar to the one in the anime, I’m sure it takes a lot of effort to paint Lleye’s entire body and make her look like this (its body painting right?). Misa Cuteness in this Mikoto Misaka Swimsuit Cosplay picture makes you forget how powerful she is when she get angry, and when she wears her swimsuit like that her Cuteness is over 1 million volts. Death Note Cosplay photo, beside that i think Asuka looks more mature than Misa Amane, i think this is hows Misa Amane will look like when shes grow :D, one more thing which i love from this Death Note Cosplay photo is the photography aspect on it, the blur effect on the first picture can show Asuka beauty, the background of this Death Note Cosplay photo is also has remind me to the old warehouse on last scene of this Death Note anime, when Kira dead by his own shinigami, well i really love this misa amane by Asuka, misa amane looks so pretty with that red lips.

3D realistic htc u12 colors One Piece anime would look like in this Female One Piece Cosplay Parade photo, badass character turned into a sweet, cute and smexy character, I think if I had the chance to meet One Piece characters in the real life I want them to look like this. There’s no question about it: these Suicide Squad characters are extremely badass. Girls und Panzer Cosplay pictures are LT3 cosplay team, they look great with that Pz.III up but again, actually who they’re playing right there? Well this is Cosplay of Girls und Panzer Anime, if you love Moe, Kawaii girl and Almighty Panzer you better rush to watch this anime, you ‘re gonna love it to die. Miho Nishizumi Cosplay and her friend look like, you can see them in Girls und Panzer Cosplay pictures below. Since today is the Sunday, nothing wrong if post Cosplay pictures that related to this day, now we have a Miss All Sunday cosplay photography (or Nico Robin) from One Piece Anime/Manga Series by one of the most perfect cosplayers to cosplaying as Miss All Sunday, her name is Yu Na, I’m not an exaggeration to say that Yu Na is one of the cosplayers that are very perfect for cosing as Miss All Sunday, the fact that she has round eyes, nose and lips that very similar to the Nico Robin is the fact that iresistable.

Sophie continued: ‘The nice thing is that when you have a big family is you get this sort of spectrum really and you have basically created a tiny little society and kids are quite canny, kids will sort of find something that can be their own and then sort of go headlong into that. Currently, she’s an Independent Mage of Crime Sorciere, i trying to find more Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography of Ultear character, but its really hard to find someone that look really fits as Ultear characteristic, and ultear on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photography is the best Ultear cosplay so far i know, Ki got a nice lips with a red lipstick that really look like a real Ultear, she cosplaying as Ultear before time skip, well i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay Photography from Ki’s WorldCosplay page, its really nice Ultear Cosplay. Oh, here’s a really nice feature!

As you can see in this Hildegarde Cosplay picture, Hildegarde is a young attractive woman with hair covering half of her face, and the green-haired boy that she was carrying is the main caharacter of the series his name is Beel (that just a doll ofc) He’s remind me to Roronoa Zoro from One Piece! Vanille Oerba, that really cool cosplay, not only Miku who is in this Hatsune Miku Cosplay, there are also other Vocaloid 2 characters, they all wear casual clothes, unfortunately I don’t know all that cool cosplayers name. Cosplayer too who cosing as another main character from this anime, but i really dont know whos their name, so sorry for not including that here, well i got this Aira Cosplay Photography from Cosrain. For today game cosplay post we got Guan Yingping Cosplay photography from Dynasty Warriors 8 Video Game, From her name alone we will know that Guan Yingping is daughter of Guan Yu, one of the most powerful general in the Dynasty Warriors series and Three Kingdom Game Story, fruit does not will fall far from the tree, right! XD I don’t know what character they cosplaying, I don’t find Miho Nishizumi, Saori Takebe, Yukari Akiyama, Hana Isuzu or even a hard sleepy girl Reizei Mako, the online right thing here is their uniforms, they actually did great in bringing tanks but tasted bland without the original crew in the anime.

The cosplayer girl who became the mastermind of this Sweet Kissho Cosplay Photography is Azusa Nagisa. Azusa Nagisa cosplaying as her own original character i really love everything on this Azusa Nagisa Cosplay photo, from her hat that look like a nurse hat, her beautiful hair that makes her look very cute and the most i love is her cosplay costume. Azusa Nagisa Cosplay photography. Misa Cosplay Photography, well i got this Misa Cosplay Photography as Erio Touwa from her facebook fanspage. At the first glance she looked more like Misa Amanae Cosplay from Death Note anime, but red wings, her tattoos and scars on her belly and thighs, now i am sure this is Kissho Cosplay from Zone-00. Cosplayer underneath this Mikoto Misaka Swimsuit Cosplay is my favorite cosplayer, Misa. I can watch the first episode of my favorite anime without worrying about Electrical shutdown.

Kissho is one of the important characters in the Zone-00 anime series, which is a very cute and polite little angel with two personalities, Benio as a boy and Kissho is a girl side of him, his cuteness makes everybody want to squeeze him. This left Gwen to fill her reality’s Peter Parker-less void, and boy did she do it in style. You didn’t think they wouldn’t include it, did you? Similar to Peter Parker’s cel-shaded suit in the previous game, the Spider-Verse Suit gives our hero a cartoony look, with the added bonus of making it look like the Miles from the movie got transported into this new hyper realistic world. This costume was specially created by Peter to help him defeat the New Enforcers. In the Age of Ultron crossover event, Janet van Dyne becomes Captain Marvel in an alternate timeline created by the death of Henry Pym. This quote from Avengers: Age of Ultron reminds viewers that their favorite heroes are, in fact, human though – and that all of them have the same hopes and fears as everyone else.

This picture is so perfect for me, Cosplayer has a cute face and body is very well suited to Aria Kanzaki in anime, besides that, the cosplayers also has reminds me to my favorite moe Cosplayer Kipi (have not post her cosplay photo for along time :/). I kind of want to sit out one more year but I definitely, I’m already working on something, because I’m also a creative person, and I live for that, that’s why I get up every morning because I love it,’ she said. Not only that, but they should be able to feel like THEY could be a superhero on tv or film or whatever it may be someday,” he concluded. Aria Kanzaki Cosplay is in action, its looks like she was chasing someone and exchanging gunfire with a very cool background. Cute Cosplay of the main female character from Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Hidan no Aria) anime and light novel series, behind her Moe appearance, Aria Kanzaki is a member of the elite rank S (The highest rank) at An “Assault” department, she was also nicknamed (Quadra) because she can use two gun and two kodachi at the same time, I love her style while using two Colt Government Model semi-automatic pistols on this Aria Kanzaki Cosplay Photo.